Anger at refusal to collect bins in Peterborough

I have placed a phone call this afternoon to Peterborough City Council to make it aware that the residents of the Great Northern Cottages on Lincoln Road, New England, area have NOT had their rubbish bins emptied on August 1.

Thursday, 9th August 2018, 11:50 am
Updated Saturday, 1st September 2018, 10:09 am
Bins being collected in Peterborough

The operator I had spoken with regarding this issue said that she had just received an email from Amey Peterborough that they did not collect the bins on/along the Brassley Close area due to the roadworks at the back of the Great Northern Cottages.

I asked the operator why no one had taken the time to address this matter during the day to post stickers on our bins to explain why our bins were not emptied or place a leaflet through the doors of the area, announcing the reason why no bins had been collected on the day AND the bins will be collected in due course.

This area (Brassley Close) has a long history of fly-tipping and in the past few years we residents are told that leaving our bins out in the alleyway when it is NOT BIN DAY, we could be served with a fine.

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Well, with the lack of information when we do follow the guidelines, expecting our bins to be emptied and learning that they have not been attended to on that day, for the reason provided, I asked: “Do we now leave the full bins out in the alleyway for collection the next day or until they are finally emptied or do we now take them back into our garden and (with no new date for the rescheduled collection provided) this could lead to actually missing the day that the bin lorries come to collect?”

Actually, the roadworks are along the back of the warehouse along Brassley Close, and the alleyway is clear for passing through with such vehicles.

Kenneth T Montgomery-Moore