“Amazing, but kind of freaky!” More reaction to last night’s meteor

Twitter user Miss Insomniac captured this image of the meteor on her phone.
Twitter user Miss Insomniac captured this image of the meteor on her phone.
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Saturday, 1.30pm: More readers have been getting in touch with the Peterborough Telegraph about the spectacular meteor seen above the city.

Mr Fisher contacted the newsdesk via email after witnessing the light show while waiting at a level crossing on his way through Holme to Yaxley about 11pm.

He said: “At first I thought it was some sort of firework, but was coming down at such a speed diagonally with fragments of heat breaking off the main ball of fire. It appeared to be heading towards a field between the Holme Road and Yaxley but could be further across by Stilton and Folksworth way.”

Emma from Bretton emailed to say “I saw the meteor at 10.50pm, but unlike everyone else, it was a green light and I could actually see it breaking up while ‘zooming’ along the sky over Bretton. Amazing, but kind of freaky!”

The Peterborough Telegraph’s Twitter account received numerous reports from residents in and around Peterborough of a fireball in the skies.

Andy Bluz wrote of seeing a “huge white fireball and tail” moving across the sky from his garden in Dogsthorpe at about 10.55pm.

Kris Whelan also wrote of a “huge fireball”, low over Deeping St James, again at 10.55pm.

Miss Insomniac captured this photograph on her phone from Walton looking north towards Glinton and sent it to the Peterborough Telegraph.

Did you see the meteor? Send your messages and photographs to news@peterboroughtoday.co.uk.