RESTAURANT REVIEW: My only beef with this place was the food

The Granary
The Granary
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I have eaten at the Granary Beefeater at Orton Meadows previously, but on the whole have, over the years, used it as more of a watering hole after playing the neighbouring golf course.

And as pleasant as the service was on Saturday lunchtime, I think it will remain, for me, a 19th hole on one of the rare days I get my clubs out.

Brad Barnes dines at The Granary, Orton longueville

Brad Barnes dines at The Granary, Orton longueville

The place itself is nice enough, don’t get me wrong, and the service was better than many places I can name.

I was extremely grateful for the air conditioning, although we were seated in a quite dark area with “mood lighting”, and as far as catering for children is concerned they are as good as anyone - everyone was friendly with the little ones, the activity book and crayons were great and the kids’ meals - free on Saturday afternoon by the way - wasn’t too bad .

But overall the food just didn’t do it for me. Yes, I know it is a chain pub, and my expectations were realistic.

It’s a Beefeater grill with lots of chicken dishes, burgers, steaks and the like, alongside pasta and salads and some fish dishes - fish and chips included.

Brad Barnes dines at The Granary, Orton longueville

Brad Barnes dines at The Granary, Orton longueville

It was barbecue weather and although we were firmly indoors I ordered the BBQ chicken breast and ribs. Donna, meanwhile, went with the Beefeater flat iron steak salad - both on the face of it standard dishes for the establishment.

The first grumble is this. How does it take 35 minutes to prepare those (and a children’s portion of cod bites with garlic bread, carrots and cucumber?

Fortunately we were in comfortable surroundings and the little ones were well looked after, so it soon passed by.

Nevertheless the wait didn’t justify the result.

Brad Barnes dines at The Granary, Orton longueville

Brad Barnes dines at The Granary, Orton longueville

The chicken was quite dry and plain tasting, which was a disappointment.

The ribs fell off the bone but again were slightly too dry, although the barbecue sauce was tasty indeed.

I was also a little disappointed with the portion size - just five very short ribs.

I have no complaints with the skinny fries, the onion rings or the lovely slaw, but the salad - a bit of lettuce and three slices of cucumber with a half-decent dressing was wasted.

And let’s not forget this had set me back a penny shy of £14.

Donna’s salad was packed - huge in fact - fresh and tasty, although the dressing billed as horse-radish was a little nondescript. The steak, well it was rare as ordered, but just needed a little more time on the griddle for my liking.

So when it came down to it, the place is fine - my only beef is the food.


VENUE DETAILS: The Granary, Ham Lane, Orton Meadows, Nene Park, Peterborough. Tel: 01733 235 794



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