RESTAURANT REVIEW: Around the world in 80 minutes with Jimmy

Brad Barnes dines at Jimmy's in New Road, Peterborough
Brad Barnes dines at Jimmy's in New Road, Peterborough
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My recent eating out exploits have seen me enjoy cuisine from what feels like all corners of the world, so trying some of them again, all under one roof, seemed a good idea.

Jimmy’s World Grill and Bar, has changed its name a few times (Jimmy Spices was one I recall) but has been on New Road, next to the bowling alley, for three or four years. It currently offers Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Indian, Italian.... have I missed anyone?

Brad Barnes dines at Jimmy's in New Road, Peterborough

Brad Barnes dines at Jimmy's in New Road, Peterborough

It’s a simple - and very good on the face of it - idea: serve up food to cover pretty much everyone’s taste and increase your appeal hugely. And it works. By around 6pm on Saturday the places was starting to fill up - and it is a big, big place.

There’s no menu, so we ordered drinks and started looking around. I must admit to feeling a little spoilt for choice - I mean, where do you start?

It is serve yourself, and it’s all you can eat, with some chefs dotted around to cook for you (meat on the grill, stirfries etc).

I started with a small (my choice) plate of egg fried rice and chilli beef from the Chinese station, which was both tasty and spicy.

Donna sought out the very small Japanese station and helped herself to a nice bit of salad with some crab sushi (very nice indeed) while two year-old Jasmine (under fours eat free by the way) tucked into a couple of slices of pizza, just out of the oven, with her favourite bits from the salad bowl at the Italian station.

For me, from there it just became a bit of a pain, constantly getting up to try something else because I didn’t want to just stack a plate up high.

The Thai noodle salad was my next venture and was beautiful, and perhaps the most enjoyable element of my meal - I enjoyed the first helping so much I had a second with some steak I got one of the chefs to cook at the meat station.

I also troubled the chef at the Shanghai noodle station for some stirfried noodles and prawns, again very tasty indeed.

Donna and Jasmine also had a helping of the noodle salad, and a little pasta - again cooked for you at the Italian food station with your choice of sauce.

Fish thermidore was also well received as was the spicy cheese - cooked for you on the grill at the meat station .

Donna loved the dal in the Indian section - a little plain for me - but the lamb dish was more up my street; nice meat, great tasting, and pretty spicy, sauce.

So Europe and Asia covered in a little more than an hour but it all felt a little flat. Don’t get me wrong, the food wasn’t bad at all, though nothing really stood out, the table service was very efficient and there was a great atmosphere, if a little noisy. Just not for me, I suppose.


RESTAURANT DETAILS: Jimmy’s World Grill and Bar, 35 New Road, Peterborough Tel: 01733 564 930. Email

FROM THE MENU: Help yourself to

The Tandoor bread station;

Allo tikka station;

Dim sum;

Italian pasta station;






Wok station

Dosa station

Fried chicken station

Pizza station



Mon - Fri...................£7.99

Sat - Sun ................£10.99


Mon - Wed.............£12.99

Thur - Sat..............£14.99

Sun .......................£12.99

(Children aged 11 and under are half price and 4 and under are free).

opening times


Mon - Fri........12pm to 3pm

Sat - Sun........12pm to 5pm


Mon - Wed....5pm to 10pm

Thur - Sat......5pm to 11pm

Sun................5pm to 10pm