Mia enjoyed the fuss staff at Starbucks gave her when she was missing.

The Peterborough lost pet group which has reunited thousands of pets with their owners in 2021

Peterborough Lost Pets community have reunited thousands of lost pets this year in Peterborough with their loving owners.

By Rosie Boon
Monday, 3rd January 2022, 5:00 pm

From cats being found in Starbucks to dogs being found after escaping on to the motorway, a Peterborough Lost Pets group on Facebook has amassed tens of thousands of members who look out for lost or distressed animals in the city.

You might have seen their posts on community Facebook pages, the volunteer team at Peterborough Lost Pets have spent hundreds of thousands of hours over the last year helping animals in need in the city.

A spokesperson from Peterborough Lost Pets said: “As a very small team of volunteers, we are reliant upon members of the community keeping an eye out for lost pets and letting us know if they have spotted one.

“We have had over 1,000 live reunites that have appeared on our group this year alone but it would be awesome if we could raise the numbers.”
The group regularly post on social media to help locate pets that are missing, members go out at all times of the day and night to scan chipped animals which have been found and set humane traps to capture animals which are lost.

The group have helped to reunite animals of all kinds: dogs, cats, swans, ferrets, foxes and even geckos.

One cat named Mia found herself going for a coffee fix and sightseeing at Starbucks, when she went missing.

Staff member Sinead posted a photo of Mia who kept paying the coffee chain a visit.

PLP admin Jules noticed it looked like a cat that was posted as missing and helped reunite Mia with her owners.

Loving owners Charlii and Sean were pleased she was found and said ‘only Mia could live like Royalty whilst being homeless, living up to her pretentious princess nature sipping on cat milk and eating Dreamies provided by the lovely staff there’.
Similarly the community rallied behind poor Cyril, a German Shepherd dog who escaped from his groomers in Orton Southgate. The pup had been rehomed in the summer having been rescued by the RSPCA, so was timid in his nature.

Far from home and close to the A1, Cyril was spotted close to the motorway.

Members of the public alerted the police who slowed traffic but sadly he was not caught.

Owner Peter, helped to track his lost pup with drones and searches.

Carl from the Peterborough German Sherpherds group searched the fields alongside the A605 where he had been spotted. After days of the search and traps being set up, Storm Barra swept the country and Cyril was still out there.

Fortunately he was found, when he showed up on a ring camera set up in a field and a special trap was remotely activated to catch him.

Safe and sound at home, Cyril is enjoying his time with his family.

The team which is made up of seven admin and volunteers aren’t currently looking to expand but hope more people can join their group and share posts. 
A spokesperson said: “The more eyes out there looking for lost pets, the more families we can reunite.

“It is very rewarding to reunite a much loved pet with their owner, and despite the heartbreak that comes with collecting a pet that has sadly passed away, we say ‘gone over the rainbow bridge’, it is nice to know that we have been able to bring closure to the family.”

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