Ferry Meadows chief issues ‘be kind to park’ plea after shocking scenes of littering

The chief executive of Peterborough’s Nene Park has issued a ‘be kind’ plea after piles of litter and discarded barbecue utensils were left by visitors to Ferry Meadows.

Thursday, 6th August 2020, 11:06 am
Some of the litter left at Ferry Meadows over the weekend.

The litter was highlighted in a video that was taken by a visitor to the Ferry Meadows site early on Saturday morning and shows a communal barbecue and seating area full of rubbish that had been discarded by previous visitors.

The video was posted on Nene Park’s social media account and can be seen in full here.

Litter has become an increasing problem at Nene Park sites especially since the lockdown period and the trust are keen to see people take more responsbility for themselves and for others.

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Some of the litter left at Ferry Meadows over the weekend.

Nene Park Trust chief executive Matthew Bradbury said: “Litter and associated antisocial behaviour has become a very serious issue for Nene Park, not least because it is damaging wildlife, affecting the safety of visitors and in particular, those staff and volunteers who clear up the mess.

“It is no comfort, but we are not alone; the amount of litter and waste being left by members of the public across our open spaces has reached unprecedented levels as coronavirus has changed the way that these spaces are used and what they are being used for. Parks have never known a period as bad as this and the cost of clearing up is unsustainable.

“We urge visitors to ‘be kind’ to Nene Park and the many volunteers and staff that look after it for the benefit of the whole community. In the words of many anti-littering campaigns across the UK, please “don’t be a tosser” and look after your green spaces - because they can’t look after you if they have been trashed.”

The Nene Park Trust manages a range of sites across the Peterborough area including Ferry Meadows, Orton Meadows, Orton Mere, Woodston Reach and Thorpe Meadows which together form Nene Park.