NOSTALGIA: Can you spot the Peterborough landmarks?

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Today’s picture is a fantastic aerial of the city centre taken sometime before work began on Queensgate shopping centre in 1978.

That development changed the city centre forever and saw some landmark buildings and streets disappear.

I’ve taken the image out of an old Evening Telegraph special publication called the Peterborough Story and the picture highlighted 25 landmark buildings and streets.

How many of them can you identify? Why don’t you take our quiz – I’m afraid there are no prizes, but there’s a lot of satisfaction to be gained by proving yourself a true Peterborian.

It’s not easy and I’m too embarrassed to tell you how many I got right! I’ll give you a few clues to get you started. Answers are at the end of the article.

Number 3 is now Queensgate but previously was home to an iconic Peterborough business.

Number 11 is under construction in the picture and has recently been converted to a new use.

Number 13 is the home of my predecessors.

Number 23 is a famous seat of learning in the city.

Number 25 - all change in our ever changing city centre.

For the rest, you are on your own!

1. Memorial Hospital

2. Crescent Bridge

3 Frank Perkins factory

4 Alexander Thompson’s store

5. Bull Hotel

6 Cumbergate/Westgate Arcade

7 Long Causeway

8 Barrett’s Corner

9 Midgate

10. Farrow’s Corner

11 Hereward Centre

12. Reed’s Garage

13 Peterborough Citizen and Advertiser and Evening Telegraph offices.

14. Broadway Kinema

15 Cattle Market

16 Embassy Theatre

17 Central Library

18 Westgate Park Road Co-op

19 Park Road Baptist Church

20 Royal Hotel

21 Westgate Congregational Church

22 Westwood Street

23 Deacons school

24 Great Northern Hotel

25 North Station.

How many did you get right? Here’s how you rank:

0-5 Are you from Cambridge?

6-10 Not bad, as long as you’re aged under 40.

11-15 Good effort but don’t make it your specialist subject on Mastermind.

16-20 Genuine old school Peterborough knowledge.

21-25 Brilliant! Honorary membership of the Civic Society.