In pictures: A look back at Peterborough’s famous faces

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This week’s Looking Back selection sees the spotlight thrown on some well-known faces - both locally and nationally.

The picture top was taken in 1988 and shows Hereward Radio (the forerunner to Heart) presenters Shaun Tilley and Dave King (right).

Dave is now a Peterborough City Councillor. Also in the picture is actress Paula Ann Bland who was in Grange Hill.

The picture below it shows famous Posh manager Jack Fairbrother. It was presumably taken in the boardroom at London Road. Do you know who the other two men are?

The third picture shows a famous Peterborough family, the Winfreys, outside their home in Castor.

Sir Richard Winfrey owned several newspapers including the Peterborough Advertiser, the forerunner of the Peterborough Telgraph. His son Pat established EMAP which became one of Peterborough’s most iconic companies.

The next picture shows former heavyweight boxing champion Frank Bruno visiting the city for the Thomas Cook fun run. Does anyone know the year the picture was taken

The final picture shows a local cricket team being given an award by Micky Vincent who of course is very well known in the city’s business and sporting circles. Does anyone know which team this was?

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