Work on new Yaxley Loop Road could begin in March

Work on the new Yaxley Loop Road could begin in March.

By Ben Jones
Monday, 7th February 2022, 4:58 am
The new Yaxley Loop Road.
The new Yaxley Loop Road.

The new loop road is essential to the long-awaited Great Haddon development, which is set to create 5,350 homes, as well as 9,000 jobs, four schools, three shopping centres and sports facilities near the A1M and A15.

The development has been able to go ahead because of £4.5m of government funding.

The development is moving forward in phases, with approval for the loop road gained by O&H Properties gained in March 2021. This will enable 347 new homes to be built on northern parcels on the Phase 1 Development area, which was approved in 2019.

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The location of the conveyance channel that will we excavated.

The loop road’s construction is also critical to the delivery of the Great Haddon Masterplan and O&H has now confirmed that it intends to start work on the road in “early March 2022.”

In order to allow this to happen, a planning application has been submitted for engineering works to both excavate land and adjust the existing site levels.

The works are expected to take six weeks, with the intention of starting in “early February.”

The area will be fenced off while workers, with any required material to be excavated from the location of the conveyance channel to the north of phase two site.