Peterborough has some of the fastest broadband speeds in the UK

The standard of broadband in every area of Peterborough

Few things are more frustrating than slow or non-working broadband.

Fortunately, if you live in Peterborough there is a good chance you are receiving a decent connection, according to research published by the House of Commons Library, with the constituency boasting an average download speed of 99.2Mbps (102.8 in urban areas and 69.8 in rural areas), compared to an average of 75.1 in the East of England and 72.9 across the UK.

Peterborough is also comfortably ahead when it comes to the availability of superfast broadband (98.2 per cent, compared to 95.5 per cent in the East and 94.9 per cent in the UK) and gigabit availability (54.7 per cent, compared to 11.8 per cent in the East and 26.7 per cent in the UK).

Moreover, the percentage of people unable to receive a “decent broadband” is 0.2 per cent in the Peterborough constituency, compared to 0.6 per cent in both the East and the UK.

Around 90 per cent of people living in the constituency are classed as living in an urban area.

The figures for the North West Cambridgeshire constituency are not as strong, although this includes areas outside of the Peterborough City Council catchment area.

The average download speed is 78.3mbps (102 in urban areas and 53.6 in rural areas), while the availability of superfast broadband is 95.4 per cent and gigabit availability is 23 per cent.

The percentage of people unable to receive a decent broadband is 0.7 per cent.

The House of Commons described the figures as “estimates” which are “based on our analysis of Ofcom’s Connected Nations 2020 report”.

Below are the figures for average download speed, availability of superfast broadband, gigabit availability and the percentage of people unable to receive a decent broadband across the whole of Peterborough (from both constituencies) which have been broken down into 24 separate areas.

The full breakdown of figures for constituencies and the neighbourhoods within them can be found at:

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