Approval given to new 125-home "Hamptons East" development in Peterborough

The development is the latest to be confirmed on the “Hamptons East” parcel, set aside for over 3000 homes.

By Ben Jones
Friday, 20th May 2022, 5:00 am
How the development in Hampton could look.
How the development in Hampton could look.

Approval has been given to a new development of 125 homes on the development parcel known as the “Hamptons East,” proposed jointly between Morris Homes Ltd and O&H Properties Ltd.

The specific site is the most southernly development parcel of Hamptons East (R23-27), Hampton Leys, Phorpres Way, Cygnet Park. It lies to the east of the A15 and sits in between the Beebys East and beebys West lakes.

The entire area has outline planning permission for 3195 new homes, as well as one new secondary school (Hampton Gardens School) and two new primary schools (Hampton Lakes and St John Henry Newman Roman Catholic Primary School and Nursery). The first two respectively are open while St John Henry Newman is currently under construction.

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A map of the new development.

Parcels R23-27 were originally divided into five individual segments but the drainage strategy has since been amended and R23-25 have been redesigned into one single parcel.

Site access from the A15 will be via Aqua Drive and Beebys Way in a cul-de-sac arrangement. Footpath links will exist between the landscaped open space and residential development to the north, through the site, down to the lakeside edge and country park beyond to the south.

The development will primarily consist of two and 2.5 storey houses, along with two three-storey apartment blocks. Six of these houses will be affordable housing.

46 letters of objection were sent in by local residents, who objected on a number of issues, including the principle of the development, the lack of a dedicated temporary construction access road, site security during construction, the effect on wildlife, additional traffic, drainage and flood risk concerns and the appropriateness and adequacy of residents’ onsite parking.

Plans have now been given approval though for the development, which Morris Homes has said will have a distinct character compared with the “village street” dwellings that would make up the majority of the application site.

The application can be viewed in full on the city council’s planning portal, find out more using reference 21/00939/REM.