Food and Drink: Peterborough gets street food

Jerk Pan at City Market
Jerk Pan at City Market
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Street food - now there are two words you don’t always associate with Peterborough.

But follow your nose to City Market these days, and looking out over Laxton Square is a growing little street food corner.

Street food at Peterborough's City Market

Street food at Peterborough's City Market

The arrival of Jerk Pan has added a little Caribbean sunshine and cuisine to the Polish, German, Portuguese and Goan food already on offer.

Luke Willcock and Jamaican business partner Joel - the chef -opened for business on March 21 offering fresh food grilled on an open flame.

There’s jerk chicken, goat curry, which is going down a storm, ackee and saltfish of course and plenty of rice and peas.

Luke said: “We thought there was an opening for takeaway Caribbean food and hopefully things are going to take off. The little launch party we had went very well.”

Street food at Peterborough's City Market

Street food at Peterborough's City Market

Another newcomer is Daniel Roberts’ Viva Goa, serving traditional Goan cuisine, which despite being part of India is heavily influenced by Portuguese food.

“You will see a lot more meat on our menus, such as beef and pork,” he said.

The menu changes daily - it was a tasty mutton stew and coconut-spice chicken xacuti when I popped in - and I also had my first taste of a prawn pattie - flaky pastry with a prawn and rice filling.

“I am looking to introduce Goan culture and cuisine to the people of Peterborough, on a small scale to start with,” he said. “It’s great that we are all here together too. The more there is to attract people will benefit us all.”

Street food at Peterborough's City Market

Street food at Peterborough's City Market

Jose Ferreira and Anna Tavares opened Delicoso last August serving food from their native Portugal - including marinated whole chicken cooked over charcoals served with their home-made sauces - and bifana (sliced pork in Anna’s home-made bread). There’s also sweet pastries (I had a delicious egg custard)and some some savouries such as codcakes

“We have our favourites but every day we have different dishes on offer to give people new experiences,” said Jose,

Thomas Gazowski has just celebrated a year running Thomas’ Specialist BBQ, and is also happy to see the food offering growing.

Thomas serves up Polish and German food, but as well as sausages and burgers you are likely to find sea bass, pork on the bone (golonka) or pork schnitzel on his ever-changing menu.

“It is getting better,” said Thomas, “and when the weather gets nice, and people can sit outside eating, it will be a great attraction for the market.”