FOOD REVIEW: It doesn't reign Supreme '“ but it's worth a visit

There are times when only a takeaway will do, in this case when you don't want to cook and the little ones are coughing and spluttering so much a restaurant is out of the question.

Thursday, 17th November 2016, 12:52 pm
Updated Friday, 18th November 2016, 12:22 pm
Brad's takeaway

And when it is Chinese food you crave, I have yet to find in Peterborough a restaurant that really does it justice... so a takeaway it was.

As I couldn’t lay my hands on a menu for our usual takeaway of choice, I took the easy way out and went to the nearest, in this case Peking Supreme on Hodgson Avenue in Werrington. They do deliver, but there is plenty of parking available.

Far from a regular customer I have used it before - and clearly not had an experience to put me off for life.

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Peking Supreme

I ordered in person on what was a very busy Saturday early evening, the phone was ringing constantly, I wasn’t too surprised that the 20-minutes wait (spent in the pub next door so no great hardship) turned into 35 minutes-plus. And to be fair I did get an apology.

There were three of us eating, with two little ones snacking, and there was plenty to go around from the £31 order.

The vegetarian spring rolls were nice, not too greasy or crisp and went down well; The crispy seaweed was indeed crispy, and very messy! It had great texture, with hints of sugar and salt, just as I expected, though how anyone would eat a full portion is beyond me.

The spicy chicken wings (in salt and pepper) were meaty enough and were nicely coated but the taste of salt was overpowering and a little off-putting.

Peking Supreme

The sichuan chicken was tender and the sauce, sweet, sticky and offered up the occasional blast of heat - the pick of the main dishes for me with crisp green pepper, onions and babysweetcorn adding to the experience.

The beef with mushroom in blackbean sauce had plenty of soft, juicy meat but the sauce was a little bland and some of the mushrooms a bit soggy.

As for the crispy shredded beef, nice and crisp and sticky and covered in a tasty kung po sauce rather than being absolutely drowned in it.

A portion of steamed rice served its purpose mopping up the juices, and there were no complaints with a portion of seasonal mixed vegetables - all crisp and fresh.

Brad’s rating: 7