Car buyers warned to keep an eye out for sales sharks

No matter how good a deal might seem, when buying a used car safety should always be top of your checklist.

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Friday, 5th January 2018, 11:05 am
Dont ever buy a car from a picture.
Dont ever buy a car from a picture.

One of the fastest growing independent car supermarkets in the UK has urged buyers to think ‘safety first’ when buying a used car.

V12 Sports and Classics, based in the West Midlands, issued the call to the millions who buy a used car every year.

“We all love a bargain and there are some genuinely great deals to be had on used cars,” said a spokesman.

“But safety should be the first thing you take into account when buying a used car, no matter how tempting the price tag might be.”

More of us are buying used cars than ever before – a record eight million were sold in 2016 alone.

And, according to V12 Sports and Classics, following some simple advice gives you the best possible chance of buying a car which is both safe and reliable.

“A proper test drive is vital to spot any potential issues early,” said the spokesman.

“Don’t ever buy a car from a picture.”

The car supermarket recommends at least a five or six-mile drive where you can put the car through its paces at different speeds rather than just a trip around the block.

V12 Sports and Classics is the only car supermarket in the UK that is professionally associated with the AA.

It offers an ‘inspect and protect’ package with every car sold, providing customers with a full summary of issues raised and how they have been corrected.

“Every single one of our cars is inspected independently by the AA and we also offer a three-month warranty,” said the spokesman.

He urged other dealerships to be equally transparent and warned buyers to be cautious if information wasn’t provided.

“All dealerships should aim to be as open with buyers as possible,” he said.

“While you might not always have a full history, they should always be forthcoming about what checks have been carried out and any repairs which have taken place.

“If a dealership seems unwilling to provide this information you should ask yourself why.”

Even when buying privately, V12 Sports and Classics says drivers should stick to the same safety rules.

Take it to a local garage or get someone you trust to look it over and always insist on a test drive.

V12 Sports and Classics is one of the fastest growing independent car supermarkets in the UK, with more than 850 cars across three showrooms in Hinckley, Stoke-on-Trent and Wolverhampton – all subject to the AA’s safety checks.

For more information on how the team could help you find your dream car visit or pop into one of the showrooms.