All the hits from Craig and Charlie as Proclaimers head for the Cresset

Strikingly individual, twin brothers Craig and Charlie Reid have over the years enjoyed huge successes across the globe and you can catch them next month at The Cresset in Peterborough.

Charlie and Craig Reid, better known as The Proclaimers
Charlie and Craig Reid, better known as The Proclaimers

They have carved a niche for themselves where pop, folk, new wave and punk collide as the emotional honesty, political fire, wit and sing-along raucousness of their songs and their extensive touring has enlightened and entertained fans new and old.

In the process they have enjoyed Gold and Platinum singles and albums in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In April last year they released their 10th album on the Cooking Vinyl label.

Following on from the theatre success of the musical drama featuring songs by The Proclaimers, ‘Sunshine On Leith’ the movie version was a hugely popular release in 2013, spending a month in the Top Ten generating over £4.8 million at the UK box office, the fifth highest grossing independent release of the year.

Expect to hear the classics Sunshine on Leith, (I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles, Letter From America, I’m on My Way, Life With You, Lets Get Married and more from the duo who David Tennant once described as “My favourite band of all time. They write the most spectacular songs, big hearted, uncynical passionate songs.”

Tickets for the August 7 show are available from the Cresset box office on 01733 265705 or go to

Speaking ahead of the show, part of a tour hitting smaller towns and cities across the country, Charlie said: “If you go to Scarborough, folk will turn up – but they won’t necessarily come and see you in Leeds. There’s a whole audience out there. You forget how many big and medium-sized towns there are in the UK – and some of them are quite spaced out. You go play Lincoln, you’ll get a crowd. You go to Cornwall, you’ll get a crowd. There’s definitely something about playing these towns. So this time we thought, let’s do Buxton this time, let’s do Lincoln…”

Craig added: “And we’re energised by playing these places, and they connect you with people, too. We recently played Darlington for the first time, and we phoned our mum from the gig – she’d done her midwifery training there. There’s things to learn in every gig, every place, you play – especially places you haven’t been before. That keeps you on your toes. So this time, we’ll be in Crewe for the first time. You mix and match with places you have been before – like Kings Lynn and Preston – and that can’t help but keep it fresh for you.”

“We’re provincial and we’re proud of that, added Charlie.

“I love London, I love New York, but we’re not that kind of thing. We are small town. That’s what we are.”