Leisure: Bretton Water Park

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Bretton Water Park has about ten fun water features, including water palms, sea dragons and baby longlegs - all of which spray water in different directions.

The features are located on a 500sqm play area, which is covered in a rubber material that absorbs the water and re-circulates it through a cleansing system before sprinkling it out elsewhere through the different features.

The rubber material is yellow and two shades of blue to give the effect of a beach.

Two attendants will man the water park during its opening hours of 10.30am and 6.30pm.

Andy Turner, the city council’s parks, trees and open spaces manager, said: “The water park is one of a great range of facilities offered by the city council to the people of Peterborough for leisure and relaxation.

“It proved popular with children across the city last summer and I am sure it will be as busy this year during the warm weather.

“By constantly recycling the water through the system and running in an environmentally friendly way, it’s another addition to the city’s growing reputation as the UK’s environment capital.”