Michael Ross aka Nobby.
Michael Ross aka Nobby.

Looking Back: A real Christmas tree, British Home Stores and Nobby

This week photographer Chris Porsz is searching for anybody who was in the picture taken in Cathedral Square.

Saturday, 28th November 2020, 5:44 am

It was taken on Christmas Eve in Cathedral Square in the early 80s.

Chris said: “Please contact me because after lockdown I would like to recreate the picture now we have a real tree again.”

As a sidenote does anybody remember the Frederick Morley shop in the background?

British Home Stores was a major store in Queensgate for many years and is the backdrop for the picture (below left).

Chris told me: “ Sadly the security guard and Simon Attwell with the red mohawk are no longer with us. BHS has gone but who was the lad in blue denims?”

Finally, Chris asks: “Everyone remembers Michael Ross aka Nobby pictured below putting dog ends in his baccy tin but who were the ladies walking past the Persil road show?

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