The original picture by Chris Porsz of Steven Nurse.
The original picture by Chris Porsz of Steven Nurse.

Looking back: ‘Read all about it with Steven, Chris and the ET’

Here’s another great story from Chris Porsz’s Reunions II book... with added Evening Telegraph interest!

Sunday, 9th January 2022, 3:45 pm

Chris explained: “Steven Nurse was out in all weathers selling the Peterborough Evening Telegraph on Cathedral Square for about five years in the early 1980s. “He later moved to Essex, where he has been a bus driver for 22 years.

“Steven, now 63, has three children Sarah, David and Kerry, and 10 grandchildren who keep him very busy in his spare time.”

He returned to Peterborough to shout out again: “Evening Telegraph, get your Evening Telegraph now,” for a reunion photo.

The street cleaner in the reunion picture is not the one in the original picture.

Chris added: “By chance I spotted a flash of orange in the distance so we waited and then I roped in road sweeper Chris Lambert (aka Elvis).

“We both lived in the same road and attended the same school so often chat on our travels and I learned he was an old motorbike rocker and the rings on his fingers were all gathered from his sweepings.”

I wonder what the front page story was on the day Chris took the picture of Steven?

The headline was ‘Feathered Terrors’ so I’m going to guess at pigeons causing mayhem in Cathedral Square!

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