Do you know anyone in this picture?

Looking back: ‘Can you help recreate these Peterborough photos?’

Photographer Chris Porsz is once again asking readers for help in identifying people in some of his old pictures.

Sunday, 9th May 2021, 5:00 am

Of the first picture Chris said: “I took this image on Cathedral Square around 1985.

“The girls on the front row have never been identified.

“However tragically Paul Sherman died in 1992, aged 23 ( middle in brown leather jacket).

“The lad in red sleeves on the left is Michael Dean, a good friend of Paul’s, and he is happy to do a reunion.

“Generously, Paul’s mother Judywas happy for me to recreate this picture as is his brother Jeremy.

“Although perhaps bitter sweet, but mainly sweet, as they were really pleased to see a picture they never knew existed.

“To be in my book would be a permanent tribute to Paul in happier times as they remember him.”

Chris has never had names for the girls and boy in the other pictures.

He said: “Hopefully, PT readers will solve the nearly 40 year mystery of the boy outside Andy’s Records and the two girls enjoying an ice cream on a Bridge Street bench.”

Contact Chris via his website or email [email protected]

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