The Regional Pool under construction 1970s.
The Regional Pool under construction 1970s.

Looking back: ‘Building Peterborough’s pool, press ball and brickworks memories’

This week’s Looking Back pictures are a random selection of unrelated images which I came across in a trawl of our archive.

Saturday, 27th November 2021, 3:45 pm

The top picture shows the Regional Pool under construction in 1976. Plans have been approved for the pool to be demolished with a new facility to replace it.

The next picture shows one familiar face in the shape of former city councillor (and leader) Charles Swift (second left).

He’s sharing a drink with the Evening Telegraph reporters of the day.

Can anyone name any of them? And when was the picture taken?

The final photograph is a wonderful evocative image with the caption “Hanson Brick settling pits looking back towards Fletton. ’’

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