Thousands of patients waiting more than a year for operations at Peterborough hospital trust

Less than 60 per cent of patients waiting less than the target 18 weeks for surgery at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust

By Stephen Briggs
Friday, 13th May 2022, 1:35 pm

Thousands of patients have waited more than a year for surgery at hospitals run by North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust, it has been revealed.

According to NHS England statistics, a total of 3,056 referral to treatment (RTT) patients waiting for consultant-led elective care had been waiting for more than 12 months at Peterborough City, Hinchingbrooke and Stamford & Rutland hospitals.

The target for patients to receive treatment is 18 weeks.

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Peterborough City Hospital

In total, just 59 per cent of patients received the treatment within that time – the NHS target is 92 per cent. Across the East of England as a whole, the figure is 60.2 per cent.

Across England 62.4% of patients waiting to start treatment (incomplete pathways) were waiting up to 18 weeks,

The figures put the trust 124th in the national rankings (all statistics as of the end of March 2022).

The median waiting time at North West Anglia Hospitals for treatment is 14.2 weeks.

In the East of England, more people needed Opthalmology treatment (related to the eyes) than any other type of treatment.

Across England, the number of RTT patients waiting to start treatment at the end of March 2022 was 6.4 million patients. Of those, 306,286 patients were waiting more than 52 weeks and 6,796 patients were waiting more than 104 weeks.

The Peterborough Telegraph has contacted the North West Anglian NHS Foundation Trust for comment about the situation.