Therapy allows Peterborough teen to play piano again

Jade Wise (17), from Newborough.
Jade Wise (17), from Newborough.
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A teenager from Peterborough who saw her dreams of becoming a professional pianist threatened by a spinal condition is looking ahead to a brighter future.

Jade Wise (17), of Guntons Road, Newborough, has been given fresh hope of turning her love of music into a career after undergoing life-changing surgery for Scoliosis - a curving of the spine.

The Voyager Academy pupil had found herself suffering severe pain in the lower part of her back when she played the piano for any extended period of time.

She said: “I was really worried by what had happened. I had been playing the piano since I was very young and I had never experienced anything like this before. I had not hurt or damaged my back so I really couldn’t see the reasons for the horrendous pain I felt. Worse of all, I was scared that I may have had to give up the piano, as the pain only really started when I was playing.”

After visiting her GP, Jade was diagnosed with Scoliosis and told there were two treatments available to her - surgery, in which two metal rods would be inserted on either side of the spine, and painkillers.

She said: “I was devastated by what I had heard in my appointment with my doctor. The pain I had experienced was terrible but I never thought I was going to be told I had a curved spine that had begun to rotate. Only then to find out that the treatment options for me were completely shocking. When I left the doctor’s surgery I was in tears but I was determined to find a different way to treat my condition.”

As soon as Jade got home from her appointment, she went onto the internet and began to search for different forms of treatment.

It was not long before she discovered the Scoliosis SOS Clinic based in London, which offers a non-invasive form of physiotherapy treatment.

After arranging a consultation, Jade’s mum enrolled her onto a four-week course of treatment that would begin the following month.

After the first week, her pain levels had decreased and her posture improved and she could feel that she was more aligned.

These results only continued to unfold and by the end of her course Jade had made great strides.

She said: “When I got my before and after treatment photos I was crying again, but this time I was crying happy tears. My back just looked so much better and I wasn’t feeling any pain, I was generally ecstatic by what I had achieved with the help of the Scoliosis SOS staff.

“I would encourage any person who suffers from the condition to have this treatment at the clinic as it really gets excellent results; well it definitely has for me as I am playing my beloved piano again.”

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