Gritter driver reunited with parents and baby he helped get to Peterborough hospital in snowstorm

A mother and father, whose baby was born in the back of an ambulance on their way to Peterborough City Hospital, when their vehicle and ambulance became stuck in the snow, has been reunited with the ambulance crew who delivered their baby into the world and the gritter man who freed the vehicle from the snow.

Friday, 13th April 2018, 3:43 pm
Updated Friday, 13th April 2018, 3:46 pm
Left to right- Technician Phil Lane, Mum Sarah holding baby Arlo, Paramedic James, Dad Gareth holding daughter Emily, Gritter Simon and 999 call taker Lucy

Sarah Anderton, from Grantham, was on her way to hospital on 28 February, with her husband Gareth when her contractions became stronger and their car became stuck on the A1.

Gareth, worried his wife would not make it to the hospital, called 999.

Emergency call taker Lucy Channer was able to direct Sarah and Gareth to meet the ambulance on a side road away from the dual carriage way. Unfortunately their car had become gridlocked in traffic and stuck in the snow on the A1. Simon Greaves, a Gritter from Kier, working on behalf of Highways England, was on the A1 in his gritting machine when Gareth was able to get out of the car and ask for assistance.

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Lucy said: “I was speaking to Gareth on the phone trying to give assistance to him and Sarah on where to meet the ambulance and also understand how close Arlo was to being born. It was a memorable call that I and the rest of my team will never forget, we all was able to work together to get an ambulance to them.

“It was great to be able to meet everybody and put a face to the voice on the end of the phone.”

Driving around Stamford, looking for Sarah and Gareth, Duty Operations Manager Rachael Wallace was first on scene, shortly followed by ambulance crew Paramedic James Olgesby and Technician Phillip Lane. After getting Sarah in the back of the ambulance, it soon became apparent that Baby Arlo was going to arrive sooner than expected, and within 10 minutes he was welcomed into the world.

Sarah said she remembered thinking that everybody had said we was going to leave to go to the hospital but remembered thinking that the ambulance was not moving.

Rachael added: “We started trying to move but due to vehicles being stuck everywhere we soon had to stop and became stuck ourselves. Phil tried putting the snow socks on the ambulance; however, a gentleman from close by came to help with his 4X4. He pulled us out.

When the ambulance became unstuck Sarah was transported to Peterborough hospital for her and Arlo to be checked over.

Sarah said: “I was sat in Peterborough hospital, holding Arlo thinking, did this really just happen to us?

“I was thankful for all the help to ensure that Arlo arrived safely, they will always be a part of a great story for years to come!”

Sarah, Gareth, daughter Emily and baby Arlo were today reunited with EMD Lucy, Paramedic James, Technician Phil and gritter Simon.

Daughter Emily also had the opportunity to look inside an ambulance where her baby brother was born, as well as see the flashing lights.