Peterborough: First dose: 70.1% Second dose: 63.6% Third dose: 45.1 per cent

Nearly 95,000 booster jabs given out in Peterborough - but case numbers remain high

Nearly 95,000 COVID booster jabs have been given out in Peterborough - but case numbers in the city remain high.

By Stephen Briggs
Friday, 14th January 2022, 6:08 am

A total of 45.1 per cent of the city’s population - or 94,154 people - have now had three doses of vaccine in Peterborough.

This is far below the vaccination rate for the UK as a whole, with 62.7 per cent of people across the country having had a third dose.

However, the case rate in the city remains high, with the latest data showing the rate on January 8 was 1,743.6 cases per 100,000 people - the fourth highest rate recorded during the pandemic.

The number of COVID patients is also rising. On January 11, there were 112 COVID patients in North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust hospitals (Peterborough City, Hinchingbrooke and Stamford & Rutland), with the 100 patient mark being broken on January 8.

The last time there were 100 or more patients in the hospitals was November 3 - and the last time there was a higher number of patients was at the beginning of March last year.

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