Eligible Peterborough residents urged to get COVID vaccine as city lies near bottom of national take up table

Peterborough residents are being urged to sign up to get their COVID vaccine as the city has one of the lowest take up rates in the country.

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 5:00 am

Statistics show that 53.4 per cent of adults aged over 18 in the city have had the first dose, and 31.3 per cent have had the second dose in the city. (up to May 24)

However, across England 72.1 per cent have had the first dose, and 44.5 per cent have had the second dose.

Out of 347 local authorities in the UK, Peterborough sits 33rd from bottom for first dose take up, and 36th from bottom in second dose take up.

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100,000 people in Peterborough have now had their first dose

However, throughout the winter Peterborough has had one of the highest case rates in the country, and for periods during the early part of the year the city was in the top ten for case rates.

Peterborough has seen the case rate fall in recent weeks, and is now out of the top 60 for the highest rates in the country.

In total, 100,595 first doses and 58,911 second doses have been given in Peterborough - a total of 159,506 doses.

Statistics released last week showed more than 84 per cent of people aged over 50 have had their first dose in Peterborough, while more than 48 per cent of people aged over 50 had received both doses (up to May 9)

However, the figures for those aged under 50 were lower, as the vaccine roll out reached younger age groups. For adults aged between 16 and 49, 26.1 per cent have had their first jab, and 7.8 per cent have had their second jab.

A spokesperson for the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG, who are running the vaccine roll out in teh region, said they were unable to give any specific reasons why the take up rate in the city was so low. They said: “The COVID-19 vaccination programme continues to be delivered successfully in our area, with more people booking their vaccine every day. The COVID-19 vaccination is our best protection against the virus, so we are working closely with local partners and community leaders to ensure that everyone is confident to take up the vaccine when they are invited to have theirs.”

Nine sites have been involved in the delivery of the vaccine in Peterborough to date, including Pharmacies, GP-led vaccination services, large scale vaccination sites and a hospital hub at Peterborough City Hospital

Everyone aged 30 and over can now book their vaccine online via www.nhs.uk/coronavirus or by calling 119