Anger at increase in costs for adult care

Richard Carafa is cross that his mum will be paying �24 a day, up from �2 for day care. (METP-10-04-12AS002) Picture: Alan Storer/Peterborough ET
Richard Carafa is cross that his mum will be paying �24 a day, up from �2 for day care. (METP-10-04-12AS002) Picture: Alan Storer/Peterborough ET
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Pensioners are set to be hit in the pocket as the cost of day care rises by up to 1,200 per cent as Peterborough City Council puts up its charges.

Ivy Carafa (93) goes to Greenwood House care home from Monday to Friday but may have to reconsider with the increase in charges.

Before January she paid £2 a day, when the charge increased to £13 a day, and it is now due to rise to £24 a day from April 23. The latest rise will mean she is spending more on care than she receives in her monthly pension and it may force her son Richard to stop work to care for her.

Richard (58), from Woodston, said: “We didn’t mind the initial rise from £2 to £13 a day because it was very low.

“But to put it up to £24 is shocking. The council is financially illiterate. They think they can loot everybody’s bank account.

“Just because they have wasted their money on daft projects they now want to waste everybody else’s. I don’t disagree with paying a reasonable amount. When it went up to £13 that was reasonable but this is just too much.”

Ivy, who has dementia, currently has carers at home every day and spends most of the day at the centre.

Richard said she will probably have to stop going to the day centre as often and get more home care, unless that costs more, in which case he will consider retiring early.

A council spokeswoman said everyone is means-tested and only those who can afford to pay the full price will do so.

Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald, cabinet member for adult social care, added: “The review of charges for care services has been necessary partly due to reduced funding from Government and increasing demands made on the overall adult social care budgets.

“Therefore we have to review the level of contributions we ask people to make towards the costs of their care as well as looking at every service to ensure money is being spent in the most efficient and effective way.

“I am also assured the majority of people receiving certain types of care will not be paying any more as only those who can afford to meet the increases will pay the higher amount.

“I am sure most people would agree this is only right and proper, thus protecting those who are less well off.

“In summary we will continue to support people who need social care the best we can and will continue to help those people who cannot afford to pay the full costs.”

Advice on costs

PETERBOROUGH City Council said the increased cost will bring it in line with many other local authorities.

But it insisted only those who can afford to pay will do so and anyone who is worried should call the financial assessment office on 01733 746131.

Paul Grubic, interim assistant director of adult social care, said: “They will also advise you if there are additional benefits that you may be entitled to such as Attendance Allowance or Pension Credit which may increase your weekly income.”

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