Customer Service

This award will go to the organisation that can best demonstrate that it truly has the customer at the heart of its business. It’s wider than simply customer ‘care’, or ‘satisfaction’, and is more about ensuring everything that the company does has the customer at its core. The organisation must show where it deploys and manages its resources to continuously improve its performance standards to ensure it most effectively meets the needs of its entire customer base.

The judges will want to see evidence of post sale support to make sure the customer was satisfied and got what they wanted from their purchase and also examples of how companies deal with specific customer care related issues. Each finalist will be asked to provide evidence that shows a high level of customer focus, and that they are actively on the side of their customers – ultimately, that they do more for their customers than other companies in a similar line of business.

This award is open to retail, leisure, hospitality (e.g.) hotels, pubs, restaurants, shops etc or any business that has daytoday contact with the general public.