VIDEO: Tesco shopper becomes first ‘victim’ of 5p carrier bag charge after run in with security

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A shopper has become the first victim of the 5p carrier bag charge after she was accosted by security staff – for using a basket to transport her groceries to her car.

Khalia Smith, 21, filmed the awkward standoff with Tesco security guards – including the moment one grabbed her basket after accusing her of trying to steal it.

Tesco carrier bags issue: Photo PA

Tesco carrier bags issue: Photo PA

She had nipped into her local branch to get some lunch, but decided not to pay for a carrier bag as she had one in her car.

But as she was walking out with her purchased shopping, she was chased across the car park by two burly security guards who accused her of stealing.

Khalia said: “I hadn’t even got to my car when the security guards chased me and then grabbed my basket and wouldn’t let go. “It was very embarrassing.

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