UPDATE: John Lewis in Queensgate reopens after police incident

The Peterborough branch of John Lewis has now reopened today Queensgate Shopping Centre has confirmed after a police incident this morning.

Monday, 5th June 2017, 2:23 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th June 2017, 3:39 pm

Officers were called to John Lewis at 10.52am after reports of a suspicious package.

The shop was evacuated and a 100m cordon set up in Queensgate, which saw a large number of shops close and the bus station cleared.

The suspicious package turned out to be a unattended carrier bag which posed no threat.

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Staff and shoppers were allowed back into the centre and things returned to normal at 11.52am.

However, in a statement this afternoon a Queensgate spokesman said: “Following this morning’s incident we can confirm the centre is open for business, but John Lewis will remain closed until further notice.”

But the Peterborough Telegraph can now confirm the shop has reopened.

Rachel Cox was in John Lewis at the time of the security alert. She said: “I was there with my grandma having coffee in the café when there was an announcement on the tannoy that the site was being evacuated.

“I saw 10 to 12 people at the same time escorted out in the back-way down the stairs. Everyone was calm.”

Eyewitness John Buxton said: “More police arriving as being ushered out. All staff walking towards Brewery Tap. Seemed a bit odd when we was shopping in there as metal shutters came down on the middle floor.”

Peterborough councillor David Over said: “I was inside Vision Express having my eyes tested. We were told you have to evacuate.

“Everyone was very calm and it was well managed by the Queensgate staff who were clear and explained what they wanted us to do.”

A spokesperson for Queensgate Shopping Centre said: “On Monday 5 June, a suspicious package was found and the police were called immediately.

“As a precaution, West Square, North Square and the North Mall have been evacuated while the investigation continued.”