Second sacked Peterborough postman to appeal ‘unfair dismissal’

Bob Brett protesting in London
Bob Brett protesting in London

A Peterborough postman is appealing his dismissal after being sacked for ‘gross misconduct’.

Dad of four Bob Brett has been working at Royal Mail for 32 years since leaving school at 16, but was let go for alleged threatening behaviour.

The Newborough resident was dismissed despite an investigation acknowledging there were no witnesses to the incident. He has also never been the subject of any complaints during his long career.

The 48-year-old said: “I feel so let down by the company after 32 years.”

Mr Brett’s appeal comes less than a month after another city postman, Paul Dixon, protested outside Royal Mail’s office in Newcombe Way, Orton Southgate, over his dismissal for ‘gross misconduct’.

Mr Dixon, who had worked for the company for 29 years, was also appealing after strenuously denying allegations of assaulting and threatening a senior colleague.

Mr Brett’s daily route took in Stibbington, Water Newton and Thornaugh. The incident which saw him dismissed occurred on February 14 where he had a conversation with an employee at a company on his route.

One of Mr Brett’s relatives had worked at the company but had allegedly fallen out with the employee.

The conversation between Mr Brett and the employee took place in a stairwell where there were no witnesses; Mr Brett claimed he said he did not wish to speak about his relative, but the investigation report into the incident said the employee claimed he had threatened to “thump” him.

Mr Brett said: “We had a conversation but there was no shouting and no cross words.”

He was dismissed last Friday following an investigation after being suspended from deliveries for seven weeks. He has now appealed the decision with Royal Mail while he looks for other employment.

“I’ve never been out of work in my life,” he added.

Mr Brett went to London on Saturday to protest against Royal Mail outside landmarks such as Buckingham Palace.

A Royal Mail spokesperson confirmed Mr Brett’s dismissal, but added: “This is now subject to internal procedures and as such we wouldn’t comment any further on this case.”


Sacked Peterborough postman protests outside Royal Mail delivery office over ‘unfair dismissal’