Peterborough housing agency boss vows to tackle disability, mental health and poverty

Julie Doyle, chief executive of the Longhurst Group.
Julie Doyle, chief executive of the Longhurst Group.
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The boss of a housing group which operates thousands of homes in Peterborough has pledged to do more to improve its customers lives.

The pledge was made by Julie Doyle, chief executive of the Longhurst Group, which has a regional office in Peterborough, owns and manages more than 23,000 homes across the Midlands and East of England and 1,800 in Cambridgeshire.

The Group hosted its Improving Lives 2025 conference at the Kingsgate Conference Centre, in Peterborough, and which it launched a new strategy to support its customers.

Mrs Doyle said: “We know one in three of our customers are living with disabilities and we also know that our customers are also living longer.

“We know more people are living with mental health issues. We know people are getting poorer and finding it harder to make ends meet. These are three key areas that we’ve identified and will focus on to make an impact.”

She added: “We’re already doing some fantastic work with our Academy, our Employment and Training advice, our apprenticeship schemes and it’s about building on that to do even more.

“We are absolutely committed to this strategy and doing even more to improve lives.”

“This is a really important step for Longhurst Group.

“We really wanted to be ambitious with this strategy.

“As an organisation – the board, colleagues and customers – we’ve been working really hard to define what success will look like in six years’ time.

Mrs Doyle added: “What would really make a difference to our customers’ lives?”


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