LETTER: Peterborough Lidl plans spark fear of traffic growth

In last week's Peterborough Telegraph it was stated: 'However, as the Transport Assessment demonstrates, no overall increase in demand is expected during peak periods.'

Friday, 6th April 2018, 3:39 pm
Updated Friday, 6th April 2018, 3:41 pm
An image of how the new Lidl will look

IS EVERYONE GOING MAD!? There is only one road in and one road out of the estate.

So what happens when we have loads of traffic as we don’t have a Lidl this end of town? We will get people from the Ortons, Yaxley etc plus as there are traffic lights on the main road before you can get onto the estate.

Just imagine the Oundle Road at weekends, Christmas etc etc.

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There is a junior school and a day nursery just yards away from the proposed store what if an ambulance or a fire engine is needed how will they get through the traffic?

Jenny Miller - via email