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Thursday, 24th February 2022, 4:06 pm
Hera Beauty are set for 30% growth and to take on new staff this year, following Growth Works support
Hera Beauty are set for 30% growth and to take on new staff this year, following Growth Works support

One of these success stories is with natural skincare manufacturer Hera Beauty. The challenge for them was how to process more, and larger, orders whilst remaining efficient and competitive.

Natural skincare manufacturer Hera Beauty make private-label creams, lotions, shampoos and more. They handle orders ranging from 200 units for start-up entrepreneurs, to thousands of units for established high street brands.

“We have a lot of customer loyalty, which is wonderful,” explains Andrew Kennedy, Hera Beauty’s Managing Director. “And we’re getting more and more larger orders, both from new customers and from existing customers who are growing.

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The problem

“We’re in a fortunate position where we’ve seen significant growth, so in five years the business has gone from two employees to over 40. We’re pretty ambitious as a company, and keen to continue to grow and to create jobs. But we’ve reached a stage where to do that we need to invest in bigger, more complex machinery and systems, with more automation.”

After upgrading their production equipment and factory space, the next step was to improve Hera Beauty’s capacity to rapidly fill, label, and package up large numbers of bottles, jars, tubes and pouches. “We need to improve productivity so we can turn large orders around quickly, while continuing to offer competitive prices.”

However, Hera Beauty faced a challenge common to many growing businesses: needing to invest to improve efficiency and deliver quality on a larger scale, but lacking the short-term cashflow to do so.

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The solution

The solution was with matched funding for new machinery and CRM support, plus expert business advice

Andrew approached Growth Works in September 2021, explaining Hera Beauty’s need to upgrade their filling line machinery to enable further growth.

Hera Beauty received £50,000 as a capital investment grant for equipment. This includes an automated filling line, labelling line, and capping machinery, which arrive in the coming weeks.

They have also bought some smaller pieces of machinery, such as an electric palette truck and palette wrapping machine, which will help them process orders faster.

Next, Hera Beauty successfully applied for a grant for consultancy support for installing a new CRM system for their sales team. In both cases, Andrew and his team were relieved to find the grant application process was straightforward.

“Growth Works were very clear on the grant requirements and what we would need to demonstrate to be eligible. They have a good understanding of our business, and they’ve been forthcoming in coming back and suggesting additional support that we may be eligible for. It was a real enabler for us to get some ambitious growth targets for next year.

As well as funding, Growth Works have offered and signposted several types of support and opportunities.

“We’ve only been involved with Growth Works for a couple of months, and they’ve already been in conversations with us about potential suppliers we could use, website development, potential training, a peer-to-peer network for the team, plus the grants which we’ve been successful in. It’s been a very positive experience so far.”

The outcome

The company is gearing up for 30% growth and hiring eight new staff in 2022

Everything is on track towards getting the new machinery and systems up and running before Hera’s peak period from July to October. Knowing they’ll be able to manage large orders more efficiently while still offering competitive pricing, Andrew and his team are feeling positive about the future.

“Growth Works’s support is a great catalyst for our growth. This machinery will enable us to continue to invest, to grow, to take on more customers, and to cater for the ones that are growing. We’re targeting 30% growth and expecting to create eight new jobs in 2022 on the back of this additional capacity,” said Andrew.

Growth Works is backed by Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority and Business Board, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and HM Government.

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