Barclays confirm closure of second branch in Peterborough

Barclays have confirmed that they are to close a second of their branches in the city next month.

By Ben Jones
Friday, 1st January 2021, 5:00 am
Updated Friday, 1st January 2021, 8:11 am
Barclays Bank, Lincoln Road, Millfield.
Barclays Bank, Lincoln Road, Millfield.

The bank on Eastfield Road will close on January 8 and comes after the branch in Millfield was closed earlier this month (December 11).

From next month, just the two branches will remain in the city centre, one on Church Street and the other on Old Fletton High Street.

In documents released by the bank explaining the closure, Barcalys said that customer transactions had gone down in the previous 24 months, with 88 percent of branch customers using online or telephone banking. They also stated that over the past 12 months that 62 percent of the branch’s customers had been using nearby branches and they had only identified 46 customers that used the branch exclusively.

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The documents go onto explain that the bank contacted several groups, including MP Paul Bristow, Local Councillors Aasiyah Joseph, Ikra Yasin and Shaz Nawaz aswell as customers, who had set up a petition in response to the closure which was first announced in October.

A spokesperson for Barclays said: “We understand the concerns about the closure – and we’d like to reassure everyone that, before deciding to close, we looked very carefully at how the branch is used.

“We’ve seen a general fall in customers coming to this branch, and many customers already use nearby branches and Online or Telephone Banking.

“To keep a community focus and to ensure trade stays in the local area, everyday banking can be done at the Post Office on Exeter Road – it’s open Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 9pm, and on Saturday between 8.30am and 1pm. (subject to change).

“We’re helping our customers understand which transactions they can do there, how to bank from home or their business premises and offering them support through this transition. There are cash machines nearby at TSB, Bill’s Off Licence & Newsagent and Natwest – all are free to use.

“We’re encouraging customers to do their everyday banking in other ways, including Mobile and Online Banking – there’s the Post Office and Telephone Banking for those who prefer to speak to someone.

We’ve run individual and small group ‘Tea and Teach’ sessions to show customers other ways to bank, including how they can set up regular payments, and how to use Pingit or the Barclays app on their mobile phones.

We’ve also shown customers how to order cards and PINs and we’re helping everyone remain vigilant against fraud. Support is also available through our telephone and online services.”

Mr Bristow has campaigned strongly on the issue of bank closures and wrote an open letter to Barclays in September to oppose the closure in Millfield.

He said: “I would urge you to reconsider this retrograde step and look proactively on how the branch can better serve the local community.

“The impact on vulnerable people living locally will be severe. Many of these people who need to access banking services often walk to access these services, and rely on in person services because they do not have access to technology (for a variety of reasons).

“Simply stating that there are two more branches “within three miles” is not a practical alternative, as it would mean a car or bus journey and practical inconvenience.

“A high street brand like Barclays can make or break a high street, because of the connections with the local community and businesses that are built up over a long period of time.

“These connections and relationships are all at risk if the branch closes.”