Interview: Keith Murray from We Are Scientists

"Lucid, discerning people with amazing taste and salacious physiques," is how New York trio We Are Scientists describe their fans.

"Lucid, discerning people with amazing taste and salacious physiques," is how New York trio We Are Scientists describe their fans. And hundreds of these discerning people will make their way to the Cresset on Thursday to enjoy one of the most incendiary live acts around at the moment.

Drummer Michael Tapper may have decided to quit the band, but the show is very definitely going on, as the band take their Trivial Pursuit tour around the country with a replacement sticksman.

WAS combine sharp songwriting with compulsive choruses and more than a smattering of post-punk edge, and frontman Keith Murray spoke to The Guide ahead of their date:

You're playing a ton of dates around the UK... do you like touring in this country?

I'm not going to sugar coat it, it's cold, it's wet and the people are smarter than we are... but the show's are so good and they run for so long.

Is it fair to say the band caught on quicker here than at home?

I would say that's fair, but we also hit here harder and fatter and it happened bigger than it did in the states.

Tell me about the lectures you've been giving before the shows (recent dates have seen the band give seminars on self-improvement, complete with slideshows, before taking to the stage with their instruments) - how did the idea form?

It started like any good idea does...we were drinking and we spent a lot of time hanging out with the kids after the show and kids have a lot of questions.

We feel more comfortable if we are the ones giving them guidance than their teachers...rather than wait for them to ask us questions, we took the initiative.

And can people expect to hear some new material on this tour

We are playing a lot of new material - we might be being over-indulgent! When bands play new material, people's eyes tend to glaze over a little bit...and they're thinking "maybe it's time to go to the toilet", but the response has been good.

How does the new stuff compare to your debut?

This album definitely has a greater breadth. When we first started out, the only means of success was our live show. When you show up and nobody knows who you are, you can only stand out in their memory either if you confuse them or you whittle it down to its most intense.

We wrote the songs on the first album to be live songs, but this is much more of an album - we let ourselves stretch our legs a little bit.

A replacement drummer is sitting in for these dates, but Keith ruled out the possibility that he will join the band permanently.

"He's getting married in February! I think ultimately we will find a permanent replacement, but we're not going to rush it."

Are you looking forward to playing Peterborough? It's one of your bigger dates.

This whole tour's been really fun, it's cool to go to places that are not necessarily on the usual tour circuit.

Some tickets are still available for We Are Scientists, who play The Cresset on Thursday, November 15 from 7.30pm. Support comes from The Cinematics and current darling of the NME Kid Harpoon.

Tickets, priced 12.50, are available on 01733 265705 or at

We Are Scientists official website -