Interview: New Peterborough Panthers supremo Ged Rathbone

Ged Rathbone (left) and Trevor Swales (right) are now in charge of Panthers. Photo supplied
Ged Rathbone (left) and Trevor Swales (right) are now in charge of Panthers. Photo supplied
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The man who spearheaded the successful fight for Peterborough Panthers survival admits the real test still lies ahead.

North-East businessman Ged Rathbone joined forces with long-serving co-promoter Trevor Swales to ensure the city club can continue to race at Premier League level in 2015 after hitting a £40,000 fundraising target.

The duo will now form a new-look management team and have high hopes of a successful future on and off the track.

Rathbone said: “We are over the moon to have reached the point where we can continue racing. I can’t stress how hugely thankful we are to the many people who helped our cause during the last few weeks. We would not be in this position without them.

“But we are well aware of the fact that the really hard work still lies ahead and that is proving we can run a speedway club.

“Our aims are simple - to operate as a break-even business while being successful and developing riding talent.

“Three-or-four years down the line we want to be able to look back and reflect on what a good decision it was to ensure Peterborough kept going.”

Rathbone became involved in the Panthers set-up last year due to his involvement as sponsor and mechanic of captain Ulrich Ostergaard.

But his love of speedway spans almost an entire lifetime after watching his first meeting as a four year-old.

By his early teens he was already acting as a mechanic for riders

He added: “I’m 46 years of age now and I’ve been in the sport for 42 of them. It has been a huge part of my life and I’ve always wanted to become involved in the other side of speedway.

“I’m delighted to have the opportunity to do that at a club which boasts one of the best set-ups in the Premier League and some fantastic supporters.

“I wouldn’t have got involved in just any club, but I felt that there was a cause worth fighting for at Peterborough.”

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