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Our new site

We are proud to announce the release of our new look website as part of the continuing drive to provide you with more new and local information.

We have been listening to our users and have developed a site which will allow you to find your favourite content and provide you with the best local news site.


To access the commenting features of the site you will need to register and login to the site. This can be done by clicking on the grey links located in the centre of the page below the menu bar.

login image

The register link will take you to a page that allows you to register on the site:

register image

Once registered you should receive a welcome activation email to authenticate the address you have provided. Follow this link to activate your account and you will instantly be able to access the additional features on the site.


Our new navigation will allow you to navigate around our site to find content quickly and efficiently, there are 3 main methods of navigation:


The dropdown navigation is the main method of moving around the site other than clicking on articles themselves. You activate the dropdown by your cursor over the main menu bar, the navigation will then appear:

navigation image


We have also implemented breadcrumb navigation on the site to allow you to see where you are in the site at all times:

roman invasion image

Footer links

We have also placed links to popular content at the bottom of every page to enable easy access to these areas:

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Improved site search

We have implemented a new and improved site search to allow you to search the site with ease, this search is accessed from the search located on the right hand side of the menu bar on every page.

site search image

Classified search

looking for imageYou can still search for local business, Jobs, property and motors by using our new look search pod which is now called Looking for.

Popular content

popular choices imageWe have also added an area for you to see what other users like on the site in the form of popular, most comments and most shared.

Recommended partners

Other great offers from our paper including offers and competitions can be found in the recommended partners area located in the right hand column of every page.

recommended partners

RSS links

You can subscribe to RSS feeds by clicking on the icon next to the name of the individual sections.

recommended partners

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