Readers' letters: Railway praised, not criticised, in safety probe - 25/07/2008

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I REALLY must bring The Et to task over the page 2 headline of Friday, July 18 "Railway safety rap over girl's fall".

I REALLY must bring The Et to task over the page 2 headline of Friday, July 18 "Railway safety rap over girl's fall".The press release you will have received from the Rail accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) makes clear under the notice to editors section "the sole purpose of RAIB investigations is to prevent future accidents and incidents and improve railway safety. The RAIB does not establish blame, liability or carry out prosecutions."

In fact, instead of being rapped by the RAIB, we were congratulated on our timely and correct adherence to procedures.

On the day of the accident, an RAIB inspector visited us less than three hours after the incident took place.

he examined the carriage involved and gave us immediate clearance to continue using the carriage in traffic.

Had he had the slightest doubts about the safety of the carriage door mechanism, he would have immediately insisted that the carriages be taken out of service.

these coaches have run for 30 years on the Nene Valley Railway without anything like this ever happening, and in denmark, thousands of coaches of this design ran for many, many years – equally without incident.

The accident was truly a one in a million chance, and not as a result of any failure on the part of the Nene valley railway or its staff and volunteers.

Safety on the railway is our number one priority and always will be, and I hope the fact that we have carried out modifications to make these coaches even safer underlines this.

I appreciate that The ET has been very supportive of the nene valley railway and we have received excellent coverage of our special events, which has been greatly appreciated.

However, to run a headline that implied our safety measures were criticised by the authorities will have done our reputation as a family attraction irreparable damage.

Cris Rees

General Manager,

Nene Valley Railway

Next page: Well-known Walter is deserving of a tributeWell-known Walter is deserving of a tribute

I AM writing to you regarding naming a road or something similar after former city character Walter Cornelius.

I heartily agree he should be remembered by the city.

He was a great man, with a very big heart, and was very proud of what he had done for different charities.

I worked with Walter for five seasons at the Lido, and one without him – the place was certainly not the same.

I really like the name of Walter's Leap.

We saw that leap on TV when we lived in Germany, while my husband was in the army.

I look forward to seeing something to remember Walter by.


Wellington Way,

Market Deeping

There are alternatives to animal tests

In answer to the letter "Workers are not cruel", Et, July 15), I can't believe anyone could be so misinformed to think animal testing is still necessary.

Anyone who thinks there are no alternatives should visit for Europeans for Medical Progress, and just read all the non-animal methods.

Animal testing is harmful to human health, as 92 per cent of new drugs that are successful in animal studies go on to fail in human clinical trials.

testing a drug on an animal is just a quick way of getting it on to the market.

Anyway, why are we talking about drugs when most of Huntingdon life Sciences' testing is based around agricultural chemicals, paints and cleaners?

And if this place is not cruel, how did Channel 4 manage to film workers punching puppies in the face in the documentary It's a Dog's Life?

Anyone who thinks Huntingdon life Sciences is not cruel wants to ask themselves: "Would they hand over their pet to this company?"


Lutton Grove,



Fire attack mobile not made by firm

ON April 23, 2008, we published an article in the Evening telegraph and on our website entitled "Arsonists attack abandoned mobile on former school site."

In this article, we referred to an incident at the John Mansfield School, in Dogsthorpe, Peterborough, involving a fire in a temprorary building which we referred to as a "Portakabin".

We wish to clarify that the temporary building in question was not a building manufactured by Portakabin Limited of York.

We accept that we should not have used the Portakabin trademark to refer to this structure, and we would like to apologise to Portakabin Limited for this error.

Restore faith in our 999 service

I am writing to express the county council's concern over the open letter recently distributed by a member of Lincolnshire ambulance staff detailing their dismay about the "life- threatening crisis" in the Lincolnshire Division of the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS).

I note that EMAS has commissioned an internal investigation to look at the concerns raised, with some sort of external review.

I think that you would agree that due to the seriousness of the claims made, it is important that any review is seen to be thorough, robust and independent.

There were concerns expressed by this council and others when the Lincolnshire Ambulance Service was abolished, and subsumed into a regional structure.We saw that there was a danger that ambulance services in the county could suffer as a result, and the recent controversy has re-awakened these concerns.

I do not wish to pre-judge any investigations, but I believe that EMAS and the county's health scrutiny committee need to work in partnership to ensure public confidence is retained and that any potential issues are dealt with openly, speedily and effectively.

As such, I am asking the chairman of the health scrutiny committee to liaise with yourselves in advance of the next meeting of the committee in September, to ensure the investigations can be progressed.

CLLR Martin Hill

Leader of Lincolnshire

County Council

Thanks you for making day special

REGARDING the write-up in The ET on our 50th wedding anniversary, we would like to say thank you to all our family and friends for sharing it with us, and for all all the gifts and telephone calls we received.

It made the occasion very special for us.

Also, thank you to everyone who donated to our charity, the Parkinson's disease local branch and to confirm 450 was raised.

Phil and Ann Hill