Readers' letters: Customer service, appreciating Peterborough and council tax - 03/11/08

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IS it just me, or is the service from the shops in Peterborough becoming a joke?

IS it just me, or is the service from the shops in Peterborough becoming a joke?No matter what shop I go into, there are queues, and there is only one person serving.

Why don't they employ enough staff to cover, because I am fed up with spending most of my time in queues.

It is happening in every place I go to, and all I get is the manager saying "sorry for keeping you waiting".

No, they are not sorry, because, if they were, they would have more staff on duty.

I have no problems with the people who serve me, as they are, most of the time, very helpful.

It's the lack of staff that's the big problem.

I would like to hear from your readers if they are as frustrated as I am.

I am so fed up with this problem, as it wastes so much of my valuable time.


Mayor's Walk,


Celebrate what's good about city

MOAN, moan, moan.

Citizens of Peterborough, are you all Victor Meldrews?

All I seem to read in the Letters page and Message Board of The ET are reported "drips" (navy slang for moans.)

Being an ex-marine, I know this is bad for morale, especially in times of stress.

The whole country is going through a bad patch at the moment, so give it a rest, and start by congratulating young stars, such as Louis Smith, and Callum Bowyer.

There you have a future Olympic gold medallist and also maybe a Formula One world champion.

We have a beautiful cathedral, Central Park, a river and wooded walks, plus a shopping centre to equal those of many other much larger cities than our own.

So, stop moaning and start appreciating what we've got.





Our taxes are blowing in wind

As an avid reader of The ET, and a taxpayer, including council tax, I am amazed when I regularly see four fully-grown male employees with brooms sweeping up leaves from the roads and pavements.

They work so close together that they nearly fall over each other.

Does it really require so much mass labour to do such a humdrum job?

Then, of course, immediately following, is a mechanical sweeper.

It's a joke. No wonder our council taxes are so high.


Thorpe Road,


Post office is for people not to boost mail profits

News that the Royal Mail has doubled its profits over the last six months while more than 1,500 post offices are to be shut down will incense your readers.

Royal Mail's round of closures was based on economic viability, highlighting the hypocrisy of this 177 million profit.

The Countryside Alliance has campaigned hard for the thousands of threatened branches. A lack of economic viability should never have been the main reason for closures.

Post offices form the hearts of their communities and many isolated and elderly people will be stranded without them.

Royal Mail should perhaps consider that post offices are about people, not profits.

Simon Hart

Chief Executive

Countryside Alliance,

Kennington Road,