Gentle greyhounds need our help

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As a supporter of Action For Greyhounds, an international greyhound protection organisation, I was pleased to read, “Pamper the pooch in aid of charity” (ET August 10).

Many greyhound rescue kennels and their helpers work tirelessly to take in and re-home ex-racing greyhounds.

Sadly, it is estimated that more than 15,000 greyhounds disappear, presumed killed, every year.

Injury rates are extremely high due to the fast straights leading into tight bends where dogs knock into one another and “pile up”.

Once injured they generally become useless to their owners/trainers and need to be “got rid of” to make space for another dog.

Any greyhound who gets kennel space in Brambleberry Greyhounds Rescue is a lucky greyhound.

These gentle dogs need our support and protection and so I hope that this charity event is really well supported.

Marta Falco Ainley,

Bellevue Road,