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LETTER: Rethink plans that are an unmitigated disaster for Rhubarb Bridge

Concerning the proposals for ground level pedestrian and cyclists’ crossing points following the proposed removal of the existing Rhubarb Bridge.

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LETTER: Cost of street lights on at noon

In January 2014 I wrote to the council about the street lights on the Werrington Parkway close to where it meets the A15.

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James Palmer

LETTER: New ‘super authority’ - just how many council staff are we paying for now!

Re your article of July 27 about the new super mayor and his staff.

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Litter dropped in the street EMN-170524-162412009

LETTER: Action needed to clean Peterborough’s streets

We hear much of keeping the city centre free of litter but can something please be done about the litter along Lincoln Road between the town centre and St Mark’s church on both sides of the road?

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Site of proposed bridge over River Nene from South Bank site EMN-170717-163301009

LETTER: Essential to build the bridge to Peterborough’s Fletton Quays

The tremendous news that the Arts Council has awarded Peterborough City Council £490,000 to help transform Whitworth Mill on Fletton Quays merely reinforces the need for a pedestrian/cycle bridge to be built spanning the areas between this exciting new development and the Key Theatre embankment.

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Graffiti at The Orchards , Orton Waterville

LETTER: Graffiti eyesore around the Ortons can still be seen a year on

It is almost a whole year now that residents (and visitors) within the Townships of the Ortons have had to witness graffiti on numerous items of street furniture along with brick walls and wooden fences (property owners and landlords) making no attempts to remove the blight.

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An artist's impressions of how the centre will look when complete

LETTER: Serpentine Green revamp and extension is not good for all

The proposals to upgrade and extend the Serpentine Green shopping centre have been enthusiastically welcomed by 800 or so people who visited an exhibition held recently in Hampton.

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John Shearman

LETTER: Praise for Peterborough ward’s ex-city councillor

May I, via your paper, acknowledge the work of John Shearman, who recently stood down as representative for our ward.

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The Fitzwilliam Hunt hold an event on Boxing Day each year

LETTER: Appalled at Festival of Hunting to be held in Peterborough - peaceful demonstration against sick and barbaric sport

We, as a group, wish to express our disappointment that the East of England Arena and Events Centre is once again hosting the Festival of Hunting on Wednesday, July 19.

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Costa Coffee in Bridge Street Peterborough

LETTER: Plea to save our favourite Peterborough Costa Coffee from closure

I should like to express my disappointment at the plan to close the Peterborough Bridge Street branch of Costa coffee in early 2018.

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Gridlock near Serpentine Green

LETTER: Peterborough feels like a giant car park

I am a delivery driver with a timetable to meet and it has been a nightmare. It’s not just the A1 closure or Bishops Road or Eastfield Road, it is all over the city.

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The scene of a collision at the pedestrian crossing on Bourges Boulevard earlier this year

LETTER: Missed chance to improve safety at Peterborough City Centre crossing

With all the controversy around the safety of the crossing on Bridge Street next to TK Maxx, Peterborough City Council have missed out on an opportunity to make it considerably safer.

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Drifting done the right way at a car test centre ENGSUS00120130808160413

LETTER: Peterborough drifting cars a nightmare and police stand and watch

Residents called the police to joy riders causing a disturbance to residents late at night.

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Stagecoach in Peterborough

LETTER: Overpricing, unorganisation and many awfully rude staff at Stagecoach in Peterborough

I, along with many others, are very disappointed in Stagecoach.

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Gridlock near Serpentine Green

LETTER: Yaxley temporary traffic lights to blame for Peterborough gridlock - did Highways planning officer have an off-day?

I’m a former Peterborough resident who once lived in Alexandra Road, having commenced full-time education at Dogsthorpe Infants.

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Showcase Cinema, Boongate, Peterborough. Photo: Ben Davis/Peterborough Telegraph

LETTER: Thanks for act of kindness at Peterborough cinema

Dear kind lady. I’m writing to say a belated big thank you for the kindness you showed me last year on the afternoon of September 25, 2016, approximately 4.15pm, when I suffered a traumatic fall in the foyer at the Showcase Cinema in Peterborough.

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Theresa May outside Downing Street

LETTER: Who’d vote for a cut in income?

In view of the national decline and Peterborough Conservative seat loss at the election I feel that there are a number of reasons that those in the media are failing to see as good reason for this fall in the Conservative vote.

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Wreaths are a permanent fixture at the memorial

LETTER: Marking anniversary of bloody Falklands battle fought by Peterborough troops

I would be very grateful if your newspaper could do something to acknowledge the bravery of those who fought and died in the battle for the Falklands.

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LETTER: No way back for fox hunting

As a lifelong Conservative voter, I call upon the party to seriously and unselfishly review its support of foxhunting and other so-called blood sports, and to ditch its perceived links and obligations to the Countryside Alliance, in the wake of the election disaster.

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LETTER: Must lorries park on pavements in Peterborough?

A few weeks ago Peterborough City Council said it was going to have a crack down on pavement parking.

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