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LETTER: Yaxley temporary traffic lights to blame for Peterborough gridlock - did Highways planning officer have an off-day?

I’m a former Peterborough resident who once lived in Alexandra Road, having commenced full-time education at Dogsthorpe Infants.

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Showcase Cinema, Boongate, Peterborough. Photo: Ben Davis/Peterborough Telegraph

LETTER: Thanks for act of kindness at Peterborough cinema

Dear kind lady. I’m writing to say a belated big thank you for the kindness you showed me last year on the afternoon of September 25, 2016, approximately 4.15pm, when I suffered a traumatic fall in the foyer at the Showcase Cinema in Peterborough.

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Theresa May outside Downing Street

LETTER: Who’d vote for a cut in income?

In view of the national decline and Peterborough Conservative seat loss at the election I feel that there are a number of reasons that those in the media are failing to see as good reason for this fall in the Conservative vote.

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Wreaths are a permanent fixture at the memorial

LETTER: Marking anniversary of bloody Falklands battle fought by Peterborough troops

I would be very grateful if your newspaper could do something to acknowledge the bravery of those who fought and died in the battle for the Falklands.

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LETTER: No way back for fox hunting

As a lifelong Conservative voter, I call upon the party to seriously and unselfishly review its support of foxhunting and other so-called blood sports, and to ditch its perceived links and obligations to the Countryside Alliance, in the wake of the election disaster.

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LETTER: Must lorries park on pavements in Peterborough?

A few weeks ago Peterborough City Council said it was going to have a crack down on pavement parking.

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LETTER: FREE Peterborough exercise classes are great - get involved

LETTER: FREE Peterborough exercise classes are great - get involved

I have recently found out about free exercise classes which are happening in Central Park.

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A bus shelter

LETTER: Two bus shelters in just 18 months

I live in Eastfield Road near Peterborough Regional College and about two-and-a-half years ago the council erected a new metal bus shelter just outside our fence.

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A fixed penalty notice handed out on Bridge Street

LETTER: Long awaited crackdown on Peterborough city centre cycling very welcome

Your report on the very long awaited crackdown on cyclists in Bridge Street will undoubtedly be welcomed by many citizens, particularly those who have been ‘near victims’ from cyclists who blatantly have ignored the large NO CYCLING notices sited at each end of this complex.

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LETTER: Deflated by balloon treat at Ferry Meadows

LETTER: Deflated by balloon treat at Ferry Meadows

I wanted to write about my disappointing visit to the Ferry Meadows Discovery Weekend.

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Hacker using laptop. Lots of digits on the computer screen. PPP-160119-104417001

LETTER: Peterborough firm’s defence tips to combat hackers

Unscrupulous hackers target any organisation they think they can extract money from, even hospitals.

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Two F-15E Strike Eagles taxi for take-off for a training sortie at Royal Air Force Lakenheath. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Emerson Nu�ez)

LETTER: Why can’t military planes train over sea rather than disturb Peterborough?

Reference you item on Page 7 of the Peterborough Telegraph (May 11) about aircraft noise over the city last week, which was very intrusive.

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LETTER: Peterborough city centre is boring and featureless

LETTER: Peterborough city centre is boring and featureless

I have been a native/resident of Peterborough for most of my life, man and boy.

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The former Bridge Street Police Station

LETTER: Once in a lifetime opportunity to realign Peterborough city centre dual carriageway

With reference your news item on Bridge Street Police Station in last week’s Telegraph, and suggestions for re-development (some, a bit tongue in cheek!) in Facebook Favourites, I would make the following suggestion.

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The land next to Aldi

LETTER: Leisure services needed for young people in Bretton

Is there a millionaire out there or a rich entrepreneur?

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Police  Stock SUS-150618-150040001

LETTER: Police cannot be bothered with petty crime

I was extremely disappointed to hear that my son had his bicycle stolen when it had been locked and was outside his place of work in Hampton.

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Two F-15E Strike Eagles taxi for take-off for a training sortie at Royal Air Force Lakenheath. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Emerson Nu�ez)

LETTER: Aircraft noise is a small price to pay

We seem to live in a society which is fast becoming oversensitive and distorted by a convoluted political thought process which aims to target anything that doesn’t agree with certain easily offended attitudes - which again, seem to be way of left wing liberalisers who want to convince everyone in an easy/not to offend way.

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DAVOS-KLOSTERS/SWITZERLAND, 29JAN09 - Tony Blair, UN Middle East Quartet Representative; Member of the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum captured during the session 'The Values behind Market Capitalism' at the Annual Meeting 2009 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 29, 2009.

Copyright by World Economic Forum by Remy Steinegger PPP-170228-140306001

LETTER: Why Tony Blair must stand in Peterborough

Tony Blair, the authority on Brexit, is willing to stand as a Labour candidate in the general election.

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PM Theresa May

LETTER: Don’t let Brexit just rip our community apart

Less than a year since the EU referendum vote and the Prime Minister is naively assuming that the entire country is coming back together and now want a hard Brexit.

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Revd Jacqueline Bullen at her institution as vicar of Longthorpe at St Botoph's Church pictured with Bishop Donald

LETTER: Longthorpe Church changes spark concern for Peterborough Civic Society

The Peterborough Civic Society was dismayed to learn of the decision to grant a faculty for the drastic re-ordering of St Botolph, Longthorpe – to the extent of the virtual destruction of its predominant present internal character – in the teeth of considered objections from national and consultative statutory bodies.

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