The pride interview: Caroline Kariuki

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Name: Caroline Kariuki Age: 32

Name: Caroline Kariuki

Age: 32

Job or voluntary role:

Trustee and project manager for Environclean Community Group (a small, not-for-profit social enterprise with emphasis on sustainable waste management through recycling, diverting waste from landfill, and creating employment opportunites for disadvanted youth).

What is most rewarding about your job or voluntary role?

Meeting people and organisations that have similar passions and helping put them into practice.

What is your favourite thing about Peterborough?

The honest, passionate people of Peterborough and the open spaces, hence an opportunity for improvement.

What has been your most satisfying moment in your job or voluntary role?

Helping people both in the UK and overseas to overcome a pressing problem and introduce a positive paradigm in their lives.

What is your biggest hope for 2009?

To create a Peterborough litter prevention programme that will encompass the whole of the city.

If money was no object, what one single thing would you do to help Peterborough?

I would create a huge litter prevention campaign that would help make Peterborough renowned about its tidiness in all areas.

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