Cracking discovery of ‘world’s smallest’ egg

Finlay with Holly's tiny egg.
Finlay with Holly's tiny egg.
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A chicken from Peterborough has had a crack at trying to break into the record books - by laying one of the smallest eggs in the world.

Holly the hen ruffled a few feathers in her coup when she laid the tiny egg, measuring just 2.2cm - less than half the size of an average egg - on Saturday at Neil Foster’s home at The Spinney in Alwalton, Peterborough.

The egg compared to a �1 coin

The egg compared to a �1 coin

Now it is hoped the egg, about the same size as a £1 coin, could avoid becoming the latest entry on the breakfast menu and find its way into the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest one ever laid by a hen.

Mr Foster said: “It is the smallest egg I have ever seen.

“We have a number of hens, and we went out to check how many eggs had been laid.

“There was a normal sized egg next to it, so I could see it was out of place straight away.

Finlay with Holly.

Finlay with Holly.

“We think it was the first egg laid by Holly, and she has laid a few others since.

“I first thought it was a quail egg, as there are a few quails near-by.

“I don’t know if it is a record, but it is very small.”

Mr Foster said Holly had been raised by son Finlay (8) in their kitchen, before being put in the chicken coup.

Wife Michelle said they were not sure what to do with the tiny specimen.

She said: “We bought a couple of chicks at the autumn show last year, and our daughter named one Holly, after Holly Willoughby, and one Keith Lemmon, as she is a big Celebrity Juice fan.

“Finlay looked after them in the kitchen, using a lamp to keep them warm.

“We then put her in the coup with the other chickens.

“We always try and guess how many eggs will have been laid, but no-one guessed five and a half at the weekend.

“I am not sure what we will do with it now.

“Finlay wanted to crack it open straight away, and have it on toast.

“He thought it was hilarious.

“Since laying the small egg, it seems Holly has been laying normal sized eggs.”

While Holly’s tiny effort may have wowed the Fosters, the egg is still a long way from breaking the record for the smallest egg ever laid by a bird.

In 1998 a German crested canary laid an egg measuring just 7mm long and 5.25mm wide.

Alice Clark, the RSPCA’s hen welfare scientist said it was not unusual for smaller than average eggs to be laid by chickens.

She said: “This is not unheard of and there could be a number of factors that might cause it - primarily age but also nutrition, health status or stress.

“Any worries, the person with the hen should contact their vet.”

No one from the Guinness Book of Records was available to comment.