October 2008: Public figures pay for doing wrong

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October saw the final act in a disgraced former mayor's downfall, as he was sentenced to a stretch behind bars.

October saw the final act in a disgraced former mayor's downfall, as he was sentenced to a stretch behind bars.Raja Akhtar, Peterborough's Mayor in 2004, was sentenced to three months at Norwich Crown Court on October 8.

Two others, Mohammed Khaliq and Abdul Razaq, were sentenced to two months and five months respectively.

Akhtar, Khaliq and Razaq, who all stood in the Central ward, followed in the footsteps of their Labour counterparts, former mayor Mohammed Choudhary, candidate Maqbool Hussein and party official Tariq Mahmood, who were jailed in the spring for rigging the same elections.

OCTOBER began in a similar vein to September, with the traffic trouble continuing into the early part of the month.

But as the problems subsided, Peterborough United star Aaron Mclean had his own vehicle trouble.

The star striker hit the headlines for the wrong reasons on October 17 after appearing before city magistrates on a number of motoring charges.

Last season's top scorer, who helped Posh to a memorable promotion, urged his followers not to make the same mistake as him in committing the offences.

He pleaded guilty to driving without a licence or insurance and while using a mobile phone, and narrowly escaped a ban with a 2,000 fine and nine penalty points on his licence.

Speaking outside court, the 25-year-old said: "I just want to get back to playing football, that's what I'm here for.

"To any kids (who are reading this) don't use your phone in the car."

Later in the month, a fitting tribute was paid to popular hip-hop star Jason Bennett – known to his fans as J Denzel – on the anniversary of his sad death.

The father of three was found in his flat in Ledham, Orton Brimbles, Peterborough, and his death shocked the army of fans he had built up in the city.

Friends, family and fans of the talented musician gathered for a night of music to celebrate his life at the Broadway Theatre, on Wednesday, October 29.


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