Fly-tipping menace returns to Peterborough street

Fly-tipped rubbish at Bringhurst Orton Goldhay. Photo: David Lowndes

Fly-tipped rubbish at Bringhurst Orton Goldhay. Photo: David Lowndes

Heaps of fly-tipped rubbish have been left dumped in a street in the Ortons area of Peterborough just weeks after a previous stack of junk was cleared away.

Piles of black bin bags, household waste and other rubbish has been collected from Bringhurst, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough.

Ortons resident Mick Russell said it was the second time fly-tipping had been cleared from the street in the space of a month.

He said: “They cleaned it up earlier in February, but when I went down again on Wednesday there was a big pile again.

“There were two sofas in the woods, and five or six bags of other rubbish.

“I think there should be more prosecutions and naming and shaming of culprits in the future.

“Enterprise (now known as Amey) are always very good at cleaning up the rubbish quickly, but it comes back very quickly.

“It is dangerous as children play in these areas. There are nails and broken glass in with the rubbish, and someone could get hurt.”

The fly-tipping was cleared again on Thursday after the rubbish dumped in the area had been moved into one collection point.

Councillor Nigel North, Peterborough City Council’s cabinet member for environment capital and neighbourhoods, said: “There are several areas of the city where residents have highlighted a problem with fly-tipping including Orton Goldhay.

“We recently held a day of action at Orton Goldhay and visited several streets to collect together rubbish which had been dumped. That was later collected by Amey.

“We also visited homes where gardens contained a significant amount of rubbish to advise residents that they needed to be cleared.

“It was the first in a series of events to tackle fly-tipping. We will be holding more action days in the city and will also be working with schools and residents to raise awareness of the need to keep Peterborough tidy.

“We want to help and encourage people to dispose of rubbish correctly, either through the general refuse collection or by arranging collection of bulky waste such as furniture. However, ultimately, if people are caught fly-tipping they will be prosecuted.”

Guards patrol to prevent rubbish dumping

The problem of fly-tipping in the city became so bad guards were hired to prevent tipping taking place in Norwood Lane in Paston.

The guards started their patrols in December after residents and councillors complained about the constant menace being caused in the area.

Last month rubbish was also reported in a variety of sites across Peterborough, including Hartwell Way in Bretton, Hinchcliffe in Orton Goldhay, Oxney Road in Eastfield and Fourth Drove in Fengate.

Some residents commenting on the Peterborough Telegraph’s website raised concerns about the possibility of fly-tipping increasing when charges for the collection of brown bins is implemented.

To report any incidents of fly-tipping in Peterborough call 01733747474.

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