Video: Hundreds gather in Peterborough city centre for farewell to the flame

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Hundreds packed into Cathedral Square to give the Olympic Flame a spectacular send off as it left Peterborough on Wednesday morning.

Despite the rain, the city centre was packed with people wanting to get a final glimpse of the torch before it made it;s journey into Lincolnshire today.

A children’s choir sang, and pupils from the Voyager School put on a dance display as Kamal Hyman, Peterborough’s former Youth MP, was the first torch bearer of the day.

The gathered crowds cheered and clapped as Kamal ran along Long Causeway and onto Broadway with the flame.

Peterborough City Council chief executive Gillian Beasley was one of the hundreds in the crowd watching the torch leave, and said the past 24 hours were one of the best days in the city’s history.

She said: “This has been one of the best days we have ever had.

“We have had so many people out to see the entertainment, look at the torch and support the Olympics.

“It was stunning to walk around and see people’s faces yesterday. It really has been a once in a life time event.

“I don’t think anyone noticed the weather at all, and I have been taken aback by the amount of people who turned up this morning.

“I also want to thank my team, who have done a brilliant job, and also give Vivacity a big pat on the back. It has been a remarkable team effort.”

Amy Barker, a teacher at Bishop Creighton Primary School, bought along some of her class to watch the torch this morning.

She said: “It’s been brilliant. I watched at the Embankment yesterday, so didn’t get close to the torch, but managed to do so this morning.

“We are really lucky we can bring our class here to watch the flame.”

Councillor Janet Goodwin, Peterborough City Council Cabinet Adviser for Business Engagement, Tourism and International Links said: “I think it has been so successful because people have been able to feel part of the event.

“The entertainment in Cathedral Square has been so interactive, getting in amongst the people.

“I have been blown away by the amount of people here this morning. I expected a few people after seeing so many last night.”




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