Jamie’s fossil finds are now on display

Jamie Jordan with his Fossils Galore collection. Picture: David Lowndes
Jamie Jordan with his Fossils Galore collection. Picture: David Lowndes

A FOSSIL enthusiast is hoping his 12-million strong collection will dig up some interest in paleontology in Peterborough.

Jamie Jordan (21), from Werrington, Peterborough, has just landed a deal to put the fossils he has found locally on display.

Displays from his huge Fossils Galore collection – one of the biggest in the world – is now available for all to see at Railworld, in Oundle Road.

Jamie, who developed the nickname Fossil Kid while growing up, said: “I am really excited about opening this up to the public.

“I have been running Fossils Galore since 2003 and we have been taking our display cases to schools and it is something the children really enjoy.

“I have been collecting fossils since I was four years old and it is something that I think a lot of people would enjoy getting into.

“The best thing is picking up something that hasn’t been seen for tens of millions of years, which gives me a real buzz.

“The display will give kids the chance to get into a sandpit and try to find their own fossils.

“They will also be able to have a look at some of the things I have found while digging in the Peterborough area.

“It is really great but in the future I would love to open up a museum especially for fossils in the city.”

Jamie’s most prized discoveries include three plesiosaur skeletons – which he describes as looking like the Loch Ness Monster – and a crocodile skeleton.

Jamie approached Mayor of Peterborough councillor Keith Sharp about finding a suitable place to show off his huge collection of fossils earlier in the year.

Cllr Sharp said: “The first thing that strikes you is his enthusiasm for the collection of fossils.

“We organised for him to come in so we could give him some advice about turning his ideas into reality.

“At first, he was going at 100 miles an hour and was looking to set up his own museum but we advised him to take things a little slower.

“We also put him in touch with people who could help get the idea off the ground.

“We are all very excited about the display at Railworld and he sees it as a great first step for his dream of setting up a museum in Peterborough for fossils found locally.

“That would be a great thing and I’m sure something a lot of schools would be interested in.”

Entrance to the Fossils Galore collection costs £2 adult and £1 concession. Family tickets are £5 for two adults and two children.

Jamie is also keen to hear from people who can sponsor him or volunteer at the display or on digs.

To contact him, call 07851 556544 or email fossilsgalore@gmail.com.