Court: Race-hate attack was made up by ‘victim’

Chris Afford. Photo supplied
Chris Afford. Photo supplied
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Christopher Afford from Peterborough created a web of lies about an attack he had suffered at the hands of a made-up Asian gang has been told he faces a prison sentence.

Afford (28), of Balmoral Road, Peterborough, told police he had been attacked by a gang of four men on Tuesday, November 13 as he walked near Rhubarb Bridge in the city.

He even took photographs of his bloodied face, telling detectives he had been attacked with “something sharp”.

But on Thursday (20 December) he appeared at Peterborough Crown Court, where he pleaded guilty to perverting the court of justice, admitting the attack never took place.

Cheryll Williams, prosecuting, said: “The potential consequences had an arrest been made would have been very serious.

“There was media publicity as a result of this investigation.

“It would have been very damaging to race relations in this city if there had been an arrest and the Crown take these allegations very seriously.”

Charles Falk, defending, said: “He accepts the allegations in this case.

“He said four Asian men attacked him and described the clothing of one.

“But he never named anyone in the attack.

“A lot of police time was wasted and we suggest the charge should be wasting police time.”

However, the suggestion was refused by the prosecution service.

Judge Nic Madge adjourned sentencing until January 18, 2013 to allow a pre-sentence report to be obtained by the probation service.

Afford was granted bail but Judge Madge warned him “a custodial sentence is likely”.