Bronze Age builders ‘return’ to Flag Fen to repair hut

The roundhouse restoration project under way at Flag Fen.  EMN-141208-135419009

The roundhouse restoration project under way at Flag Fen. EMN-141208-135419009


A unique attempt is underway to use ancient building methods to put a new roof on a Bronze Age hut in Peterborough.

Flag Fen Peterborough - the UK’s only Bronze Age site - is playing host to a week-long attempt by a group of re-enactors as they attempt to re-roof a roundhouse using techniques and tools from 3,500 years ago.

The challenge lasts until Sunday (August 17) and is being run by the Black Knight Historical Re-enactment Group in what is believed to be the first experimental archaeological project of its kind in the UK.

The tools they use include axes and hammers made of flint and bronze.

Stuart Orme, events and programme manager for Vivacity, who is heavily involved in the restoration said: “We believe the challenge is an exciting opportunity for visitors to witness something that has not been done in Britain since the Bronze Age,” he said.

“The re-enactors have to struggle with very basic tools to recreate the roof. It is a tough experimental task, but fascinating for visitors and archaeologists to witness.

“It’s a window into how our pre-historical ancestors did things and it gives you a new respect for what they managed to build.”

With children on their summer holidays, Stuart emphasised the enjoyment that they can get through a visit to Flag Fen which is based at The Droveway, Northey Road.

“The project was something that needed doing after heavy rain, but it’s also an opportunity as a bit of an experiment to provide additional attraction and entertainment for visitors,” he added.




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