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WHO says babies can't "talk"?

WHO says babies can't "talk"?Mums took their little ones along to Bretton Library to find out more about a system of communication using sign language.

At the free baby signing session, participants learnt how to communicate with their children, who can't yet talk, by using simple, natural gestures.

The aim of the event was to get them to understand their baby's thoughts, wants, needs and feelings by using these movements.

The theory is that it is commonplace for a 12-month old signing baby to tell their parents they would like milk or a book, that they notice an animal, or that they would like to play.

A spokesman for Bretton Library, which is based in the Bretton Centre, said: "The baby signing event was a real success.

"We had a good turn out and I think that everybody who attended enjoyed the session.

"It was free, and the people who turned up learned things about their babies, such as what signs they make for milk or juice, for example.

"These events are very popular."

A total of 14 babies and 10 adults attended the session, which was hosted by First Signs baby sign language instruction.

A spokesman for the scheme said: "It is encouraged that parents talk with their babies from birth, and there is no reason that signing, together with talking cannot start immediately, as well.

"Parents can easily make signing a fun part of their baby's day and children will understand the meaning behind your words and signs months before they are able to sign back to you.

"From about eight months of age, babies have the ability to use their hands to gesture intentionally and will start to build a signing vocabulary and communicate with you their thoughts, feelings, wants and desires."

At the event at the library, mums were instructed by Jackie Fewtrell and they also sang fun songs and learned baby signs to go along with them.

The centre says it is likely that baby sign sessions well be held there again in the future.

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